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Standing frames for adults

Dynamic and static standing frames for adults

We specialize in designing and sale of active verticalization devices for adults. We offer modern, multifunctional standing frames that, in addition to the verticalization, also enable to move independently or perform dynamic physical exercises in the form of squats and half-squats.

Our offer is addressed to patients with musculoskeletal dysfunctions and their caregivers. The standing frames we manufacture are used to support everyday rehabilitation and physical activity of people with physical disabilities.

If you want to take care of your fitness and health, counteract the negative effects of long-term sitting or lying down and enrich your daily rehabilitation with physical activity, then our solutions are for you.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of  active standing frames:

Dynamic Standing frame WalkStander Sport

Standing frame for adults WalkStander Sport

WalkStander Sport dynamic standing frame for adults with a modular system for restoring walking function. The mechanism used in the stander was created as a result of many years of research on mapping the kinematics of gait and body stabilization of a person with paralysis or paresis of the lower limbs. WalkStander Sport is a technologically advanced mechanical device with replaceable modules that allows a person with gait dysfunction to  step similarly to the physiological gait of a healthy person.

Each step is taken with bending a leg at the knee, a slight lowering of the body’s center of gravity during walking and a slight rotation of the pelvis.

Static standing frame for adults

Static standing frame ErgoStander with a lifting mechanism is a solution for people with serious musculoskeletal dysfunctions. In addition, it allows users to stand upright on their own and perform therapeutic exercises in the form of squats and half-squats.

Standing frame for adults ErgoStander