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Innovative solutions for restoring gait function and rehabilitation of the motor organs

of people with disabilities.

Our mission is to create innovative and technologically advanced solutions for restoring gait function, prophylaxis of motor organs as well as activation and rehabilitation of the elderly. We specialize in designing products intended mainly for use at home, but which can also be used in rehabilitation centers and hospitals, with particular emphasis on the departments of rehabilitation of motor organs, neurological rehabilitation and geriatrics.

The advantages of our products are: innovative solutions, very high quality and high comfort of use.

My name is Zbigniew Łukasiak and I have been researching and designing medical devices for over thirty years, of which I have devoted the last 20 years to developing new solutions that can be used in the active rehabilitation of disabled people with lower limb paralysis.

I have over a dozen patents, the most important of which relate to solutions in the field of gait support, rehabilitation of locomotor organs and verticalisation

In the years 2005–2006 I came up with a new lifting system from a sitting position on a wheelchair to a standing position, for which I designed and patented new unique devices that allow people with full paralysis of the lower limbs to stand up independently, walk alone in a standing position and independently perform any number squats, halfsquats, etc. I have made several hundred individual designs of devices under the name Active Drive, Active Plus and Static Plus, which have not yet had their market equivalent.

In recent years, I have significantly expanded the scope of my design work, returned to research on selected aspects of the kinematics of a disabled person’s gait and to a previously unrealized vision of almost 20 years ago to build a device that enabled a paralyzed person to move independently on a step similar to the anatomical gait of a healthy person – a kind of mechanical exoskeleton.

I am currently working intensively on such issues as:

* Human gait kinematics in mechanisms for utility applications.

* Kinematics of the disabled person’s gait.

* Selected aspects of lumbar belt and shoulder joint rehabilitation.

* Bedside simulators in the rehabilitation of people with old age diseases .

The result of work on the kinematics of the disabled person’s gait is a completely new concept of gait support and gait re-education, which I called WalkStander, on the basis of which I have designed and patented modular devices WalkStander Sport and WalkStander Ergo , where WalkStander Sport is the basic version of the WalkStander system, while the WalkStander Ergo is a technically very advanced, full version – mechanical exoskeleton (project not yet completed).

I am aware that this is just the beginning of this concept of support and re-education of gait, and if it is accepted by users, I would like to create a full version of the WalkStander system, models for outdoor use, models compatible with the treadmill and others.

The effect of work on the issues of rehabilitation of people with deep paralysis and rehabilitation of the elderly is a modular device for the effective rehabilitation of the lumbar belt, knee joints and ankle joints which I called Pelvic Reha Panel. This is the first of a designed series of seven trainers intended for rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, intended for people with age-related illnesses and people with severe physical disabilities.

In order for the results of my research and design work to improve the quality of life of people with disbilities, I decided to set up the family company REHADEN, which will deal with the production and sale of all devices designed by me.

Zbigniew Łukasiak