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Pelvic RehaPanel

Bedside panel for rehabilitation of lower limbs and hip joint

In people with lower limb paralysis, there is usually no control over the correct positioning of the ankle, there is a phenomenon of falling of the foot, which during exercise causes the foot to twist together with the lower leg, and as a result, the leg in the knee and hip.

Therefore, Pelvic RehaPanel model PRP 02 has been equipped with special ankle braces that completely eliminate this inconvenience.

Basic functions:

1. Raising the lower limb with bending in the knee and hip joint, in a lying position, in the range of 0-90º

2. Raising the lower limb straightened in the knee – from horizontal to vertical position,

3. Abduction of the leg in the hip joint

Intended use:

1. Increasing mobility of the knee joints and hip joints

2. Stretching and strengthening of leg muscles and buttock muscles

3. Improving circulation in the lower limbs and pelvis,

4. Lowering muscle tone.

5. Prevention of degeneration of hip joints and knee joints

6. Prevention of contractures and deformities of ankles, knee joints and hip joints,

7. Prevention of bedsores

Marek Cłapiński, tetraplegia, spinal cord injury at C5 / C6 level, many years in a wheelchair. He exercises alone, despite the lack of grip in his hands. Low spasticity.

Andrzej Buczek, multiple sclerosis, over twenty years in a wheelchair. Very high spasticity.