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Pelvic RehaPanel

Bedside panel for the rehabilitation of lower limbs and hip joint.

The inspiration for the development of the device, which I called Pelvic RehaPanel, was the experience gained from several hundred projects of individual rehabilitation devices that I made for people with deep and very deep disabilities. Many times I was faced with the fact that raising a person with a deep disability from bed, putting him in standing up position using a good stander was very difficult or impossible due to limited housing, physical abilities of a caregiver, deformation of the ankle joint, knee and hip joints. with great spasticity or high body weight. Thus, the Pelvic Reha Panel was originally conceived as an equivalent for standing up. Later I began to perceive it as an effective device for use at the stage preceding standing up and walking (stretching contractures, increasing joint mobility, decreasing muscle tone, improving blood supply to the lower extremities, etc.), and also as a device that can be used to restore physical condition in the postoperative period and, finally as a tool of prevention aimed at preventing the progression of osteoarthritis of the knee and hip joints.

Zbigniew Łukasiak

Model PRP – B-01

Pelvic RehaPanel for Senior people

Model PRP – B-02

Pelvic RehaPanel – paraplegia, quadriplegia