Polska Wersja

For the eldery

Bedside panel for rehabilitation of lower limbs and hip joints

Basic functions:

1. Raising the lower limb with bending in the knee and hip joint, in a lying position, in the range of 0-90º

2. Raising the lower limb straightened in the knee – from horizontal to vertical position,

3. Abduction of the leg in the hip joint

Intended use:

1. Increasing mobility of the knee joints and hip joints

2. Stretching and strengthening of leg muscles and buttock muscles

3. Improving circulation in the lower limbs andpelvis,

4. Lowering muscle tone.

5. Prevention of degeneration of hip joints and knee joints

6. Mitigating the effects of degeneration of the knee and hip joints

Raising a limb with bending in the knee joint.

Raising the straight limb.

Limb abduction